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A business exists to serve the needs of its customers. To do this, you must know who your customers are and why they’re using your product.

It helps to have an understanding of human behaviour, human-centred design, and usability principles. Not all businesses can house the professionals who apply these areas of knowledge to the work the business is doing. That’s where we come in.

James Murphy


James Murphy is a UX Consultant. He applies systems thinking, insights from the behavioural sciences, and human-centred design principles to solve complex problems. His main focus is on research and strategy to improve the usability and usefulness of emerging digital products.

James believes deeply in the importance of a playful, flexible mind—he has a range of interests and is constantly learning. He’s fascinated by creativity and appreciates thinking across the boundaries of traditional disciplines.

He enjoys writing, and challenges himself regularly with a variety of physical activities: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, strength training, rock climbing, and hiking.

James also founded Hero Labs to create tools that help people achieve meaningful goals.

Additionally, he works with Synergy Health Ltd., a New Zealand company focused on creating real behaviour change with their innovative digital platform.