What is UX Research?

UX Research, short for User Experience Research, is the practice of exploring how the people who use your product are actually interacting with it to achieve their goals (or discovering why they're not).

To understand the importance of UX Research, it helps to take a step back and look at how people interact with the world around them more broadly.  

When we look out at the world, we see the things around us as either 'something to help achieve my goal' or 'obstacle in the way of achieving my goal'.  If something doesn't fit into one of these two categories, we don't see it, because it is automatically classified as irrelevant and ignored [1].

This is true even of things that have been designed, and the way something has been designed determines how we will intuitively use it [2].

User Experience Research is the first step to making sure your product is designed so users can easily achieve their goals.