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 What is UX Research?

UX Research, short for User Experience Research, is the practice of exploring how the people who use your product are actually interacting with it to achieve their goals (or discovering why they're not).

To understand the importance of UX Research, it helps to take a step back and look at how people interact with the world around them more broadly.  

When we look out at the world, we see the things around us as either 'something to help achieve my goal' or 'obstacle in the way of achieving my goal'.  If something doesn't fit into one of these two categories, we don't see it, because it is automatically classified as irrelevant and ignored [1].

This is true even of things that have been designed, and the way something has been designed determines how we will intuitively use it [2].

User Experience Research is the first step to making sure your product is designed so users can easily achieve their goals.

 What We Do

We investigate the users of your product and the context in which they're using it to help you discover powerful insights, validate ideas, and uncover new opportunities.

UX ResearcH

Who are your users and what are they trying to do?  How should your product be designed and organised?  What problems might be disruptive to your users?  These are questions for UX Research to answer.

There are a number of potential research methodologies to choose from, depending on what we're trying to learn.  We can run usability tests, perform field research, conduct contextual interviews, create research surveys, analyse data, test prototypes, generate task analyses, evaluate current designs, and plan strategies for process improvements.

UX Research can be applied to new developments or existing products.

New developments

From the earliest stages of project development it is crucial to understand the needs, motivations, and goals of your potential users.  UX Research is the key to an explicit understanding of your users and their goals.

improve & ReDesign

Whether to discover the unmet needs of your users or to identify usability problems, you can use UX Research to improve a product's usability and increase its fit for the people who use it.

 How We Do It

Usability Testing

We will design and conduct studies to evaluate the effectiveness of your product, providing you with key insights in easy-to-digest reports for your whole team.

Prototype Testing

We guide prototype design, and test rapidly in a cycle of continuous improvement to ensure the product is launched with confidence.


We will conduct an independent evaluation from an outsider's perspective.  From this we note what's working well, determine potential issues, propose hypotheses for solutions, and create a research plan.

Qualitative Research

We show you how your users see your product with interviews and field research.  Each subjective take on the experience of using your product can provide crucial insights about your users' journeys.

 UX Research Benefits

There are two primary benefits to performing User Experience Research, both of which hold true for new developments and redesigns alike: you'll save money and improve the performance of your product.

Save Money

  • Reduce development time and costs

  • Reduce maintenance and support time and costs

  • Reduce redesign time and costs

  • Reduce training time and documentation costs

Improve Performance

  • Reduce number of user errors

  • Increase ease of learning and usability

  • Attract new users and increase user volume

  • Retain existing users and increase satisfaction