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UX Strategy

I make sure users can achieve their goals.

I've done lots of UX work over the years. Planning strategy, leading research, crafting personas, defining user goals, designing user flows, creating prototypes, and writing copy for interfaces.

Contact me if you’d like to learn about some of my previous UX work.


UX Strategy

UX Strategy, short for User Experience Strategy, involves taking a big picture view of how the usability of your product can help you achieve your business goals.

To create a UX Strategy, you must engage in research and design with your users in mind. You need to explore how the people who use your product are actually interacting with it to achieve their goals (or discovering why they're not). Then you can take what you learn from research and testing to improve the usability of your product.

Creating a User Experience Strategy is the first step toward making sure your product is designed so users can easily achieve their goals.

Here’s What I’ll Do For You

I’ll investigate the users of your product and the context in which they're using it to help you discover powerful insights, validate ideas, and uncover new opportunities.

Then I’ll help you apply these insights to build a usable product that helps your users achieve their goals.


Are You Building Something New?

Understand the needs, motivations, and goals of your potential users.  Create a practical UX Strategy that accounts for the needs of your business and the needs of your users. That’s the key to a successful product launch with long-term traction.

Are You Making Something Better?

Start the redesign process with a UX Strategy that plans for research, testing, and user-centred design. Improve your product's usability and increase its fit for the people who use it. You’ll improve your product for users and your business.

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UX Benefits To You

There are two primary benefits to having a solid User Experience Strategy, both of which hold true for new developments and redesigns alike: you'll save money and improve the performance of your product.


Save Money

  • Reduce development time and costs

  • Reduce maintenance/support time and costs

  • Reduce redesign time and costs

  • Reduce training time and documentation costs

Improve Performance

  • Reduce number of user errors

  • Increase ease of learning and usability

  • Attract new users and increase user volume

  • Retain existing users and increase satisfaction

You can create a strategy that’s useful for your users and better for your business.